Are Designers Shoes Better than Mainstream Ones?

When you consider how much designer shoes are sold in the market, you may find yourself asking whether it is worth it. A pair of Gucci-branded shoes, for instance, can cost as much as $1000 or more, while with this amount, you can get four or five mainstream ones. If you are about to purchase a shoe for the office or sports and are confused about whether to go for the often-expensive designer’s product or the unbranded ones, here are some considerations to guide your decision.

  1. Who Are You?

This question is very crucial to ask whenever you’re making shoe purchases. That’s because shoes have moved from their traditional roles of covering and protecting our feet to a means of identity. Consequently, people express their inward feelings, social status or class, and other things about their personalities through (among different ways) their footwear.

So, if you care so much about your public image or find expression by how you look, designers’ shoes are worth it. It gives you the respect, inward satisfaction, and confidence that you crave. But for someone indifferent to what people feel about their appearance, or who finds joy in some other things apart from looks, spending much on shoes might genuinely appear as a waste of money.

  1. What’s Your Economic Status?

In deciding which is better between mainstream shoes and designer ones, the answer might come down to your economic status. It doesn’t make much sense to spend your wallet dry plainly because of a brand’s name when there are alternatives at your reach. So, bringing it down to a personal level now, what will leave you stranded or unable to meet your daily needs after purchasing it is possibly not right for you.

  1. How Much do You Value Quality?

Most times, the high price tag of designers’ shoes is not arbitrary. The technology, materials, and efforts deployed in building shoes warrant the prices you see. So, while not making a conclusive generalization, designer shoes often beat mainstream ones in this vital consideration.

That’s why if you are considering how to buy quality shoes, you cannot pass designers by. Your probability of selecting a high-quality, attractive, and durable shoe from a renowned designer is high for every purchase.

You cannot say the same for mainstream shoes. The possibility of buying a poorly-made shoe among the unbranded ones is high. Most of them start having issues as early as the second wear. And in most cases, you don’t know the makers, and they don’t have anything to lose because they aren’t branded.

The Bottom Line

We must admit one thing, and that is: high prices do not always amount to quality, just as affordability, too, does not mean a product is inferior. However, for the most part, the expensive nature of designer’s shoes is because of the quality and efforts put into it. When mainstream shoes begin to meet all the standards that designers dish out and remain at its current price, only then can we say they are better.