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The theory used in this research is the idea of shopper society or Consumer Society developed by Jean Baudrillard . Where Baudrillard explains the essence of a consumerist society is a society that doesn’t use the substance of the commodities, and the public makes use of the symbolic worth and mark worth referred to as hyper-reality. The results of this study point out that the event of technology has a job within the selection of symbolic worth and sign value by people in consuming commodities. So culmination by Baudrillard is society now not eat items, but eat symbolic and signal. The suggestion given is that college students ought to think about danger, security and safety of online shop.

Printing out, provision of a code for, or e-mailing of such objects as admission tickets and scrip (e.g., present certificates and coupons). Michael Aldrich, pioneer of online buying in the Nineteen Eighties. …